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Braided Packing - Packing Tools

  • Braided Packing
    • Braided Flexible Graphite
    • TFE Impregnated Non-Asbestos
    • Novoloid Fiber / PTFE Impregnated
    • Aramid Filament
    • G.F.O.® (Regisistered Trademark W.L. Gore Co.)
    • Braided Inconel Wire-Inserted Carbon Yarn over Plastic Core
    • Square Braided Non-Asbestos Graphited
    • Graphite Filament
    • Carbon Fiber with Graphite Coating
    • Carbon Filament / TFE
    • PTFE Filament Impregnated with PTFE
    • Lubricated PTFE Filament (Food Grade)
    • TFE Filament
    • Teflon® Cord
    • Tallow Lubricated Flax
    • PTFE Impregnated Flax
    • Twisted Fiberglass Rope
    • Twisted Fiberglass Wick
    • TFE Thread Sealant Tape
    • Sealex Extruded Flexible PTFE Cord Flange Sealant
  • Packing Tools
    • Osborne Flexible Packing Tools
    • Osborne Rigid Packing Tools
    • Garco Flexible Packing Tools
    • Garco Rigid Packing Tools

 Packing Tools