Fabricated Gasket Materials

Fabrication - Fabricated Gaskets

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In Gasket Fabrication


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How Is This Possible?


Here's How:

  • Over 130 Gasket Materials in Various Thickness On the Shelf
  • In-House Cad Cam System
    • In-System Gasket Design
    • Import Your Custom Design Electronically
    • Transfer Design to Waterjet
    • Transfer Design to Flash Cutter
    • Transfer Design to In-House Die-Making Department
  • Waterjet
    • Indispensable for Cutting Thick Materials
  • Flash Cutter
    • Indispensable for Cutting Precision Cut Gaskets
  • Die-Cutting
    • Multiple Die-Cutting Options, Including Automated Muli-Cavity Equipment
  • Custom Stripping
    • Gasket Materials Cut to Your Specified Width
    • Optional Two-Sided Adhesive Tape Applied Prior to Stripping

 Fabrication - Fabricated GasketsFabrication - Fabricated Gaskets